Catalyst America Zone Florida

Catalyst America Zone 2014

Published on Sep 18, 2014 by Mark Davenport

The Catalyst America Zone 2014 conference provided a platform for like-minded companies across the Americas region of the Catalyst community to listen, cooperate, be creative and ultimately profit from shared knowledge.

Catalyst America Zone Florida

America Zone conference was held in Orlando Florida. It brought together a talented pool of Catalyst Global licensed partners from American continent including Canada, America, Brazil and Curacao.

In one of the key sessions, the group explored and discussed their various approaches to sales and marketing. All partners contributed both physical and digital marketing materials for perusal and discussion. The afternoon was devoted to analysing specific Catalyst Global products. In particular, there was a fully assembled "Rat Trap" in the room!! Also, Go Team and its broader applications were presented and discussed.

Catalyst America Zone 2014

Americas Zone is truly the new frontier, full of huge potential. With a mature market in the north and a fast expanding one in the south AmericaZone 2014 was a fantastic time of sharing expertise and ideas bringing the Catalyst Global group even closer together. There was also partners outside the America's present whose experience and knowledge sharing was appreciated by everyone.

Kayaking Wekiva River System

After the event, Sharon Fischer from Catalyst Global licensed partner Play with a Purpose showed Catalyst Global directors, Guy Baker & Mark Davenport, the Wekiva River system, by kayak!

Midnight Kayaking Wekiva River System

Inspired, the Catalyst Global Directors set off at 11 pm to do some midnight kayaking!

"It was a strange time to go kayaking . But in Florida the Luminesence in the water caused by microscopic plankton results in an underwater fireworks display as fish dash through the water ahead of the kayaks. Returning to the hotel at 2am marked the end of a wonderful night out with a difference. A definite MUST do, if you are in Florida." Guy Baker, CEO, Catalyst Global

Mark Davenport

Head of Business Development

Responsible for identifying new partner prospects and facilitating their acquisition into the Catalyst Global network

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