CSI La Hacienda

A mysterious 3D whodunnit

1.5 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
4 - Unlimited


CSI La Hacienda is an immersive 360 whodunnit team-building activity in which teams sharpen their deductive reasoning and collaborative decision making. Teams collaborate face-to-face to attempt to solve the mystery of the death of Roberto Gonzalez at his Hacienda. With the help of a very well-prepared detective briefcase, live evidence and a helpful web-based 360 Virtual Touring Platform, teams explore the Hacienda looking to solve the mystery in the Hacienda of the Gonzalez Family.

The game app presents teams with riddles and challenges. Teams input their answers into the game app. Their solutions unlock hints that will help them solve the mystery. As they move through each room of the Hacienda, they find items to help them in their quest. As their journey unfolds, teams use deductive reasoning and team consensus to eliminate suspects. The team who accurately answers the riddles and challenges the fastest will discover the truth and ultimately win.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in CSI La Hacienda employ keen observation to acquire information. Utilizing effective communication, they convey their findings to the team. Critical thinking and reflection will assist teams to analyse and interpret the facts. To reach a consensus, teams must use deductive reasoning and debate as they manage individual interpretations and conflicting opinions. Under time pressure, the teams who solve the mystery will employ divergent thinking in collaborative decision-making. This game challenges and develops team trust and unity.

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